How Do Mobile Phone Affiliate Feeds Work?

Information on white label and Price Comparison

We supply the feed which is downloadable via our api, you show the deals on your website.

When a visitor clicks on a deal it has your own websites tracking code, so when it hits our system we know who has created that sale. The customer then is automatically sent straight to the retailers website to purchase and then you are credited the sale and commission.

Mobile Phone Feed Options

Easy To Deal With

There are literally over 1 million deals from many different mobile shops to get together with a huge combinations of different handset models, colours, sizes with also networks and tariffs.

Bringing the feed into 1 easy download with several popular extension options like csv and xml, zipped or unzipped - makes life so much easier for the affiliate.

Feed Example

For an example of websites using the feed, see

How Do I Earn Commissons?

Tracking Gives You The Sale

After the sale has tracked through your white label website or feed driven the customer will go directly to the retail shops site and to that deal to go on and purchase.

Mobile phone retailers will then verify and pay the commission of accepted sales.

Do We Get To See Sales Reporting?

Yes Of Course

Daily reporting is supplied for you to be able to log in and see the sales flowing through, invoice and also see your total commissions to be paid.