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There are plenty of car showrooms and garages in Doncaster dotted around and on the Wheatley Hall Road area, yet it's all about actually getting a guaranteed pass when seeing the car that you want and sitting down with that salesman and getting a yes.... there is nothing better.

Many people in Doncaster and across the UK have a low credit score and with main stream lenders would more than likely get declined, but there are several lenders in which a dealer can look at where they will accept this category and you have the car to lease or buy, generally this can be with no deposit still, yet it could make it easier to get through the credit check if you do have a bigger deposit to put upfront.

Does guaranteed Car Finance Exist?

It's not guaranteed for everyone no, but there are lenders that dealers can use to help get a loan through and loan companies that are more focused on applicants with a poor credit history.

Can I Get A Car With No Deposit?

The way that lenders look at your application, the bigger a deposit the better, yet YES no deposits can go through even with CCJ's, Defaults and missed payments previously, yet these may or may not need to be over 12 months old or cleared to help get the car finance provider to consider an approval.

Instant Approval

After you have given your details the dealer can then look at putting your details forward to a specialist credit company who will look at all the circumstances and consider your application quickly and easily dependant how many applicants they have at the time and how busy they are will depend on the timescale

Which Credit Reference Agencies Are Used

This really does depend on the lender and which agency they use to look at your file. There are 3 main credit reference agencies with Equifax, Experian and Call Credit.

Some loan companies do just a soft search which is used so not to effect your credit file with many applications.

What Is A Soft Credit File Search?

If you go ahead and apply for a credit agreement but the lender rejects you because your credit history doesn't reflect their customer requirements, generally the rejected attempt will be recorded on your personal credit file for other lenders to see. The thing with that is that that if you apply for another finance, the next lender you apply to will see those previous details, which may make it more likely that they reject you as well.

As a way of avoiding this, more and more increasingly common is to be offered the option of a soft search.

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