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Credit Cards For Bad Credit

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Having a poor credit history, may not stop you from getting a much need credit card or lower interest rates.

Credit Checks

Many think no credit checks is the only way to get a credit limit.

Higher Acceptance

Looking for the cards that offer products to you with a poor history.

What's the easiest credit card to get accepted with?

Each credit card has a different criteria, which works for some but maybe not for others. There is not really a card company that stands out to be accepting applications a lot more than others.

We show you all the finance companies and bring up the best deals at the time. This coupled with information on which ones are getting a higher acceptance percentage, we can then show you the offers where uou are less likely to get declined.

Why Do I Get Declined?

Like any form of credit, the provider has different ranges of customer that they are willing to accept.

Taking a step back and choosing to apply for the ones which can help, yet credit checks are performed on all the UK credit cards.

No Credit Check Credit Cards, Do They Exist?

No they don't, at least with the mainstream cards anyway.

What do I need to apply for a credit card?

You will need a bank account with a direct debit and also in some cases a debit card to help with the credit check. Yor address where you are lining and also if you have been there less than 3 years, a previous address.

Employment and salary details will also be required at the time of application.

Do I get a decision straight away?

Generally an instant decision on your application is made. Sometimes you will find the retailer or card company may have to refer the application, in-which case extra checks will be made and a final decision givne to you later when they are complete and you will recieve correspondance via letter or email regards the results

How do credit cards work?

When you sign up to a card it is a financial legally binding contract, to ensure both parties understand the terms.

In simple terms, you use the card and pay a monthly payment each month, if you have a remaining balance that month, interest is accrued at the agreements interest rate.

So as you can see the risk to the card provider / bank is high if you don't pay your bills, so expect this interest to also be high.

Are the 0% interest options available?

In some cases a card maybe offered with a period of time with 0% interest, this could be for a balance transfer or spendind. After the 0% period the agreed percentage of interest will then be added.

Which credit card companies provide for very bad credit customers?

There are several card providers now, that offer their services to people with defaults, CCJ's or maybe even previously bankrupt, these will normally not include the offers of 0% but will give you an option to get a foothold and start building your credit rating.

Instant Approval

Completing your application can be quick, easy and also you could get an instant approval. Technology now can perform a credit check on-line and even with out a deposit or any upfront payment you could be receiving your card in days.

This means you may be notified of your credit limit straight away too, giving you peace of mind.

A list of cards you could try with very bad credit.
  • Aqua Credit Card - We say yes every 2 Minutes, improve your credit score
  • Vanquis - Instant Repsone £1000 Limit
  • Lumia - The credit card that's a bit more friendly
  • Granite Credit Card - The smart way to build your credit
  • Foundation Card - The credit card for bad credit by Tesco Bank
  • Capital One - Credit Cards for bad credit
  • Marbles - Take control, rebuild your credit and find out whether you will get accepted before you apply
  • Ocean Finance - If you've got a less-than-perfect credit rating, it doesn't always mean you're unable to borrow
  • Cashplus - Get the credit you deserve
Are there deposits to pay?

When you are purchasing a product you may fin you have to pay a deposit but, with a credit card that would not have to be the case.

Are there credit cards in the UK with no credit checks?

A credit check is used for many things, but one will be to stop fraud so, there are no UK credit cards at this time that will allow you to apply without a credit check.

There will be some card providers that have a certain criteria that maybe a bit more lenient than others and are aimed for people who have had a patchy credit history.

Can you apply if you are unemployed?

There are some that do ask the question of if you are on benefits or claiming any other things that could be taken into account for your total income to the household.

Can I get turned down even with a good credit score?

It may seem strange but yes you can get turned down even if you have a good score on your personal creit file.

There are many things that could effect this but the reason that pops up now most is affordability.

The banks also now look at sensible lending, so if they feel you maybe can't afford more credit, they may reject the application.

This decision may come about from the information you give at the time of the application plius also what they see you have already available to you by other lenders on your credit file.


Are you looking for the latest headlines on bad credit - go here to see what's happening.

If you need debt help you can read the information at the national debt helpline you can even call them for free debt advice.

Are there other financial products of interest?

There are several areas that you may be wanting to explore if you are struggling with declining credit checks.

Credit Score

A free credit report, enabling you to see your previous recorded issues and either contest or control.

Free Credit Score

Contract Phones

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What's the difference between Visa and MasterCard with credit cards?

The 2 payment systems are bascially 2x different companies who manage the cards. Your credit or debit card will show which payment system runs yours.

Both Visa and Mastercard are accepted around the world.

The pros and cons of a bad credit credit card offer


  • Instant access to an available spend
  • Allows you to build your credit and trustworthiness to other lenders, if the bills are kept upto date.
  • If you keep your account in check then you could be offered a bigger credit limit


  • Becasue of the risk the cards generally offer a higher percentage rate on the debt.
  • Very very raely you will get an introductory offer. So interest starts from day one.
  • Withdrawing cash from a machine can also be very very expensive on a credit card.