Sim Free Mobile Phones On Finance Poor Or Excellent Credit Rating

Buy a phone with no contract and pay monthly

So you want to pay weekly or monthly for your brand new smartphone. Rather than signing up to a 24-36 month contract on a network right now you have the option to get this from a shop and pay on a monthly agreement which could end up quite a bit cheaper, not only that you will have the flexibility to move networks easier and quicker dependant on your sim deal.

There is still a possibility that you have bad credit and getting a mobile phone can be difficult in this position but, there is now a retailer that gives you the ability to tell them your credit rating from poor to excellent and they will go to different finance companies based on the information you give, this means you have a much better chance of actually getting accepted.

If you have an excellent credit rating you will, of course, be getting better rates meaning it will cost less per month than maybe someone who has a poor history. Getting a phone sim free takes away those chains of a contract.



A sim-free deal example

Here is one with poor credit, as you can see it is a Samsung Galaxy S8 with nothing to pay upfront and an example of someone stating they have a poor credit rating.


In this, you can see that based on the credit rating selection with the slider tool an example if accepted you would have an APR of 34.9% and a monthly payment of £31.34 per month.

How does the price differ with varying credit rating selections?

  • Excellent: APR 9.7% and £25.61 Per Month
  • Good: APR 19.7% and £27.93 Per Month
  • Average: APR 27.7% and £29.75 Per Month
  • Poor: APR 34.9% and £31.34 Per Month
  • Bad Credit: APR 949.9% and £34.55 Per Month

*The prices will change dependant on what make and model of the handset and also what the retail price of the phone is at the time, this example as shown is for the Samsung Galaxy S8.




How To:

Once you have chosen the make and model of the phone you are interested in, you can slide the credit scale to provide an illustrative rate based on your credit score. Unlike other retailers, a personalised payment plan and provide more people with phone offers, and in ways maybe even help build your credit profile.



Most popular handsets

iPhone X


  • Apple iPhone X Sim Free
  • £29.00 upfront
  • Poor to excellent credit rating
  • from£43.52 to £58.73 per month
  • GET IT NOW >>





iPhone 8



  • Apple iPhone 8 Sim Free
  • NO upfront Cost
  • Poor to excellent credit rating
  • from£32.02 to £43.21 per month
  • GET IT NOW >>





Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Sim Free
  • NO upfront Cost
  • Poor to excellent credit rating
  • from£25.61 to £34.55 per month
  • GET IT NOW >>







iPhone 7


  • Apple iPhone 7 Sim Free
  • NO upfront Cost
  • Poor to excellent credit rating
  • from£24.69 to £33.32 per month
  • GET IT NOW >>






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  • Personalised – multiple lenders so we can offer personalised loans to more customers

  • Flexible – Choose how much you want to pay upfront and you’re never, ever locked into a phone contract

  • Clear & Simple – No hidden charges, no exit fees


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