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EE Brings 4G In More Places

We're the first UK network to measure our network on geographic coverage not just population coverage. After all, it's often the remotest places where you need a good 4G signal the most.

We're working towards covering 95% of the UK with 4G by 2020. In 2016 alone we added 4G coverage to an extra 25% of the UK. Our 4G is now available in more places than any 3G network, just four years after launch, making it the UK's fastest network expansion ever.

EE brings you more with 4G in more places
Added benefits

3 months free access to the BT Sport app - All new and existing customers can take advantage of this fantastic offer just by texting SPORT to 150.

Apple Music

6 months free Apple Music subscription - Need any more reasons to join or upgrade with us? We're giving all new and upgrading customers six months free Apple Music, so you can listen to the music you love, on us.

4G Calling and WiFi Calling

With 4G Calling, compatible phones can now make calls over our 4G network too. So you'll be able to make calls in places you never could before. And if your phone's enabled for WiFi Calling, that's another thing you can use on our network.

Do EE Credit Check on Upgrades?

Normally EE do not credit check on upgrades yet there may be certain situations where you eould not be eligible. If you are worried about your credit history then take a look at our page for bad credit phones, to ensure you get the best options.