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  1. Apple iPhone 11 pre-launch impressions, from Business Insider readers  Business Insider
  2. 7 Places To Resell Your iPhone 6, If You're Ready For An Upgrade  Bustle
  3. Apple’s new iOS 13 beta software just revealed the iPhone 11’s exact launch date  BGR
  4. New iPhone release date accidentally ‘revealed’ by Apple in secret computer code  The Sun
  5. iPhone 11 launch date might have just been leaked by Apple in iOS 13  TechRadar
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Goodbye to Apple's iPhone 6. So now what should I buy as a budget option?  USA TODAY

Apple's iOS update effectively kills off iPhone 6. Several other models are available, but you'll get only a few years of life from the older ones.


What iOS 13 Features iPhone 6 Users Won't Be Able To Use With The New Update  Bustle

Another day, another impending Apple iOS update to either be excited about or dread. Apple's newest upgrade, iOS 13, is set to drop in Sept. 2019. And it's ...


Amazon is blowing out unlocked iPhone 6, 6s Plus, and 7 refurbs starting at $121  BGR

If you're in need of a new smartphone and you're not one of those people who have to pay an arm and a leg to have the latest and greatest $1000+ handset, ...


5 reasons you should buy the new iPhone 11, which is likely arriving in September  Business Insider

The iPhone 11 is expected to look and feel pretty familiar to anyone who's touched or owned an iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR.


Need a new (older) iPhone? The differences are slight among XR and earlier models  USA TODAY

You can pay $750 for latest entry level iPhone, or $450 for 4 year old iPhone 7. The new photo features are the major difference among the models.


New ceramic and titanium Apple Watch models spotted in watchOS 6 beta  The Verge

Apple has accidentally revealed two new Apple Watch models in its watchOS 6 beta. The models include titanium and ceramic finishes, and may debut ...


Here's What To Know About Whether The iOS 13 Update Will Work On Older iPhones  Elite Daily

Whenever Apple unveils a new update, it's so exciting. The new features are always super cool and fun to navigate. Not to mention, they have an amazing ability ...


Will iPhone 6 Still Work? iOS 13 Is About To Leave The Older Model Behind  Bustle

Apple is expected to release a big operating system upgrade this September — but some iPhone users won't get to take advantage of iOS 13's new features.


iOS 13 Public Beta 6 Has Everything You Need To Kill Robocalls  Forbes

Sick of spam calls? Then you're going to love iOS 13. I have instructions on how to enable this spam killer. Plus, everything that's new, fixed, and still broken in ...


The iPhone 11’s most controversial new feature might also come to the iPad  BGR

It's a bit bizarre that there's already so much controversy surrounding an iPhone that's going to look almost exactly like its predecessors. In fact, if you hold an ...


Apple Accidentally Reveals Stunning Apple Watch Series 5 Upgrade  Forbes

Apple Watch Series 5 is almost certainly going to be unveiled next month alongside the new range of iPhones. It looks highly likely that Tuesday, September 10 ...


When To Buy A New iPhone If You Have An iPhone 6 By Caroline Burke  Bustle

Sometimes it can feel like Apple is releasing a new product every month. No matter how new and advanced your iPhone 6 seemed when you bought it a few ...


These refurbished iPhones are in great condition, massively discounted  Mashable

Our iPhones are practically part of the family these days. They sit at the dinner table, they work out with us, and they even keep all our secrets. But unless you're ...


'Does the Apple Watch work without an iPhone?': Yes, but its available features depend on your internet connection — here's what you need to know  INSIDER

The Apple Watch does work without an iPhone, though certain features may not work based on your internet connection. Here's what you need to know.


Best apps for recording phone calls for iPhone in 2019  iMore

If you have the consent of the other person and need to record a phone call, these apps are the best at getting the job done!


6 paid iPhone apps on sale for free on August 16th  BGR

Did you miss yesterday's roundup of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free? Well definitely go back and check it out because there are still some ...


Why Apple will (probably) announce the new iPhone on Sept. 10  CNET

We predict the exact date when Apple will unveil the iPhone 11, 11R and 11 Max.


Your iPhone camera could get a huge boost with lens attachments sold by Apple  TechRadar

Apple has started selling camera lens attachments that boost your smartphone snaps to professional levels.

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Apple Releases iOS 12.4: The Last iOS 12 Update? Here's All You Need To Know  Forbes

Here's the lowdown on everything new in iOS 12.4 which has just gone live.

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Note 10 vs. rumored iPhone 11: Spec comparison  CNET

We took a look into our crystal ball and compared Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 to what we expect to see in Apple's upcoming iPhone 11.


Apple iOS 12.4 Release: Should You Upgrade?  Forbes

Apple iOS 12.4 is an essential upgrade for iPhone and iPad owners. But is it safe? Here's everything you need to know...

Everything new in iOS 13 beta 7: 3D Touch, icon tweaks, more  AppleInsider

Apple is continuing to evolve iOS 13, and included several public-facing tweaks with the seventh developer beta. Here is everything we've found so far.

We asked, you answered: you're holding onto your phone forever  USA TODAY

The carriers hide list price, showing monthly payments to give illusion that phones not that expensive. Some deals good, but do read the fine print.


Bringt Apple ein «iPhone 11 Pro»?  Computerworld

Im September präsentiert Apple in der Regel neue Geräte. Die Gerüchteküche ist schon länger auf Betriebstemperatur. Nun ist ein Tweet zur möglichen ...

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