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  1. Credit Scores Explained  What are credit scores and your personal report all about?

Do You Need to Know Your Credit Score From Each Credit Bureau?  Nasdaq

You may not need to track down every one of your credit scores. Image source: Getty Images One important part of staying on top of your financial.


Credit score UK: How to improve your credit score - why an overdraft could actually help  Express

CREDIT scores can be very important when it comes to a person's financial matters, such as getting a loan or a mortgage. How can one improve their credit ...


How 0% cards could be ruining your credit score  The Times

If you are slowly paying off a 0 per cent credit card, the lingering debt could be harming your credit rating, experts say.Interest-free cards allow borrowers to make ...


How to Get Your Credit Score to 800 or Higher: Complete Guide  MoneyCheck

Do you wish to boost your FICO Credit Score above the magic 800 mark? Then read on, our complete guide will show you how.


5 Ways to Increase Your FICO Score  Forbes

Improving your credit can often feel like navigating through a jungle. It's disorienting. To make matters worse, most schools don't teach students about credit.


3 things that can matter more to your money than your credit score, according to a financial planner  Business Insider

A high credit score makes it easier to move through the world, but according to one financial planner, there are other indicators of long-term financial health that ...


Why that 30% rule of thumb about credit card use could be costing you  CNBC

If you're hoping to snag the best-available terms on a loan, a standard rule of thumb about credit card usage could end up standing in your way. The common ...


5 Reasons Why Your Credit Score Matters Less Than You Think It Does  Forbes

I got a credit card the day I turned 18, and now have amazing credit. But I wish I would have funded my Roth IRA instead of focusing so much on my credit score.


Is my credit card hurting my credit score?  Motley Fool UK

You may think your credit card is helping you build your credit score when it might just be doing the opposite. Learn more about pending habits, payment cycles, ...


After Capital One breach, how to check your credit score and report  Business Insider

A Capital One data breach compromised millions of accounts. Protect yourself by accessing your free credit score and credit report.


How to check your credit score before applying for Apple Card  9to5Mac

Apple Card offers a super fast and simple application process that's done right on your iPhone. However, you may want to check into a few things before signing ...


5 reasons to get your credit score above 800  USA TODAY

You might be surprised at how much easier and cheaper things can be when you have top-notch credit.


Despite Massive Debt, British Columbians Are The Best At Handling Money In Canada  Narcity

Even though Canadians are in serious debt, it seems as if many across the nation know how to handle their money and finances. In fact, British Columbia's credit ...


The Apple Card Is Now Available for the Masses  Gizmodo

Behold, the Apple Card is now available to everyone in the United States. And to celebrate, Apple has expanded 3 percent cash back for Uber and Uber Eats ...


Checking my credit fixed a $12,000 error and raised my credit score  Business Insider

I've been aggressively paying off debt and building my credit, so I check my free credit score at least once a month. And thank goodness I do.


These moves can tank your credit score  CNBC

Experts warn that other moves you make can drag down your score.


5 ways to pay off your credit card debt once and for all  Motley Fool UK

An excessive credit card debt can be discouraging, but you can pay it off once and for all using this plan.


What is a hard inquiry? When lenders request your full credit report  INSIDER

A hard inquiry gives a lender a full look at your credit report, but may negatively influence your credit score as a result.


What you need to know about your FICO score and how to build good credit  INSIDER

What is a FICO score? It's a number that can make a difference in your financial life — here's how to check it and what to look for.


Do your credit moves send the wrong signal about you?  USA TODAY

You are one in a million, but your credit score doesn't really see you that way.


People with 'subprime' credit scores are reportedly getting approved for Apple's new credit card  INSIDER

Apple launched its new credit card under the premise that it would be incredibly popular among consumers, with its low interest and no fees.


Why a credit score goes down after paying off loan or credit-card debt  Business Insider

When you pay off an older loan and the account closes, your credit history may be affected, which can lower your credit score.

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How to rent an apartment with not-so-great credit  Business Insider

It's not impossible to rent an apartment with bad credit, but it will likely take more money up front, a co-signer, or a roommate to do it.


A good credit score to buy a house is at least 620, but the barrier can be much lower for government-backed loans  Business Insider

A good credit score to buy a house is at least 620. Mortgage lenders will also consider your debt-to-income ratio when you apply for a loan.


Experian's Boost to come to UK after US launch  Credit Strategy

Experian is to launch its consumer-consented data product Boost in the UK, Credit Strategy has learned.

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