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It's important for some uses to have the lightest handset as possible, carrying around a big lump all day just isn't top of the list.

Keep an eye on the latest news and information that covers the weight of phones, how thin the smartphones are and how manufacturers are looking in the future to enhance technology even further.

The Top 10 list of the phones that weigh the least and are in the market today in the UK.
    Apple iPhone 5S


    Weight: 112 g

    Depth: 7.6 mm

    Apple hold the number 1 spot for the most lightweight smartphone with the iPhone 5s coming in at only 112g.

    With the 6, 7 and 8 series now available, you can see why the 5s is still popular. The depth of the phone too is not so bad with the side measuring 7.6mm.

    The price upon reflection is nice and low, the phones features doesn't bring you to the heights of the latest handsets but it sure does do what it says on the tin and a hell of alot more.

    Free phone from £10.50 per month

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    Apple iPhone SE


    Weight: 113 g

    Depth: 7.6 mm

    This special edition release was unveiled on March 21, 2016 adding a 4.7 inch modern smartphone to the iPhone range. This listing give Apple both top spot and 2nd in the smartphones lightweight list.

    Even though the phone is a modern release the phone still has a low monthly price and comes in at only 1 gram higher than the iphone 5s and exactly the same depth measurement of 7.6mm.

    Free phone from £0.00 per month

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    LG K4


    Weight: 120 g

    Depth: 8.9 mm

    LG obviously love an easy to hold phone and now have 2 in the top 5, yet again it waeighs 120 grams, yet the depth of this is far more considerable.

    Measuring 8.9mm that makes it 1.8mm thicker than the X screen.

    Thhe price difference though does reach that one of a budget handset, if you want a phone for under £10 per month and for it to be very lightweight then this fits the bill.

    Free phone from £15.00 per month

    Apple iPhone 6


    Weight: 129 g

    Depth: 7.1mm

    Free phone from £21.00 per month

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    Samsung Galaxy S6


    Weight: 138g

    Depth: 6.8mm

    Free phone from £16.99 per month

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    Samsung Galaxy J3


    Weight: 138 g

    Depth: 7.9 mm

    Free phone from £19.84 per month

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    Apple iPhone 7


    Weight: 138 g

    Depth: TBC

    Free phone from £22.00 per month

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    Nokia 3


    Weight: 140 g

    Depth: 8.5 mm

    Free phone from £15.00 per month

    Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact


    Weight: 140 g

    Depth: 9.3 mm

    Free phone from £29.00 per month

    View Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Deals >>

    Apple iPhone 6s


    Weight: 143 g

    Depth: 7.1 mm

    Free phone from £18.99 per month

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Elari NanoPhone C launched as the lightest phone in the world
Elari NanoPhone C - The world's lightest phone

Weighing just 30g the feather weight phone, isn't a smartphone and is a far cry from the large screen handsets we see on our normal UK shelves.

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