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Winners and Losers: Samsung comes out swinging, King’s Cross comes out scanning  TrustedReviews

Samsung announced two new Note phones, and the Information Commissioner is looking into whether deployment of facial recognition tech has broken any ...


Who wants a smartphone? Here’s how to sell the Nokia 3310 in 2019  City A.M.

"Hello? Yeah I'm on my mobile. Yeah I'm in the library. Nah I can't talk right now. I'm in a library for Christ's sake.” If you're old enough to remember Trigger ...


Nokia 3310 review: blast from the past, sore thumbs and all  The Guardian

The hype for Snake, T9 texts and sleek design has turned the 3310's relaunch into an event. But 2G connectivity and a rubbish camera bring you back to earth.


Nokia 3310 review: the retro fun is short lived

The new Nokia 3310 has average specs and a high price compared to its dumb phone rivals.


New Nokia 3310 (2017) review  Techradar India

The Nokia 3310 is a nostalgia-fueled re-release that can't do anything as well as a smartphone can, but for a low price this may suit you as a second device to ...


Nokia 3310: Everything you need to know about the most hyped phone of 2017  The Independent

The Nokia 3310 is back, and it's better than ever. It may only be a feature phone, but the throwback handset has already eclipsed a number of brand new ...


Nokia wants a chunk of Kenya's smartphone market, but it's not easy  TechTrendsKE

The Nokia brand is back. At least we will all agree to that led by Finnish player HMD Global. Nokia had its own struggles over the years – a partnership with ...


The Nokia 3310 is back - and it even has Snake  The Guardian

The 'indestructible' handset returns, complete with one-month standby time, colour screen and bags of nostalgia.


Why I Love My Teeny-Tiny Knockoff Nokia  WIRED

It's about the size of an eraser, but don't underestimate its formidable practicality!


Nokia 3310 review: New Classic Phone Isn't Perfect But We Don't Mind  Tech Advisor

Nokia is delving deep into its past this year to bring back the 3310, reinvented for the modern era. It's not going to replace a smartphone but you might want one ...


Nokia 3310, 'the most reliable phone ever made', to be re-launched at MWC 2017  The Independent

Nokia will re-launch the 3310, perhaps the best-loved and most resilient phone in history. The phone, originally released in 2000 and in many ways beginning ...


He Tests The Resistance Of A Nokia 3310 With A Hydraulic Press And The Result Will Surprise You  Gentside UK

How does a Nokia 3310 phone withstand the pressure of a hydraulic press? To find out, the Finnish Youtuber Hydraulic Press Channel has tried the experiment.

Guess which of the two photos have been taken from smartphone?  wknd.

Ahead of World Photography Day on August 19, Khaleej Times photojournalist Neeraj Murali reflects on where the science and art of photography stand at a...


6 best basic phones for 2019, from Nokia, Vodafone and more  iNews

There are some amazing bargains to be had in the world of no-fuss mobiles. We pick out the latest models for you to consider.


Tech Throwback: The Nokia 3310 and its reputation of indestructibility  Android Authority

The original Nokia 3310 was announced 18 years ago today, and its reputation for durability made us wonder why most new smartphones are not as tough.


Nokia 3310 review: No matter how much you think you want it, you don’t want it  Ars Technica

Overpriced and underpowered, the Nokia 3310 is a feature phone for the hipster elite.


Nokia 3310 review: Nokia's Snake-filled nostalgia phone  Expert Reviews

Nokia 3310: Nokia's beloved 3310 is back, but does Snake still have a place in an era dominated by Android and iOS?


Nokia 3310 gets major upgrade with 4G data speeds but it’s not all good news  Express

NOKIA'S 3310 has just received a major revamp which finally brings 4G speeds to this retro phone. However, this boost comes with one big problem.


Where to buy the new Nokia 3310 as the retro phone finally goes on sale in the UK  Mirror Online

The Nokia 3310 has officially been released today, here's the handful of networks that have the new Nokia 3310 on sale.


Nokia 3310: a week with the new retro phone sensation  TechRadar

I've spent a week with the new Nokia 3310 as my main phone... and it wasn't easy.


Dumbphone! Can I survive modern life with the original Nokia 3310?  The Guardian

The classic mobile has been relaunched as a distraction-free device. We dug out a device from 2000 to see how it rates in 2017.


Nokia 3310 review: A noughties icon is reborn - Snake included  The Telegraph

As soon as you turn on the new Nokia 3310, you're hit with a wave of nostalgia. Those blocky white capital letters spelling NOKIA show up on the screen, and ...


The retro Nokia 3310 now comes with 3G and works in the US  The Verge

Earlier this year, HMD Global revived Nokia's classic 3310 candy bar phone with only the slightest updates. And next month, the phone is in for another tweak: a ...


Will Nokia Show A New 6310 At MWC?  Forbes

Nokia has form - bringing back phones from the past - what we want this year is a new 6310.


Nokia 3310: Major UK networks shun most hyped phone of the year  The Independent

The relaunched Nokia 3310 is set to go on sale really soon, but potential buyers will be disappointed to find out that it won't be available on all of the UK's major ...

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