What IS SEO?

"Search Engine Optimisation" - All search engines including the top one's Google and Bing have "SERPS" pages. SERPS stands for Search Engine Results Pages, this is where you type in your search at EG Google and the results of that phrase or keywords you have entered appear on the page. Generally, there is a list of 10 Organic (free listings) and the adverts placed at the top and at the side, adverts are denoted by a green highlighted label and the word Ad.

There are many factors in how Google come up with their results and what order, SEO basically uses that information on those factors and puts it into practice on-site and off-site to gain traffic from these Free listings (sometimes also called natural traffic).

User Experience

Smartphone and Tablet - Responsive Design

Most website visitors now view on mobile devices, meaning if you don't have a mobile-friendly website, then you are not giving the best user experience.

The explosion of smartphones and the need for speed over the last few years has seen a shift in how users view the web, with that comes a change in how we need to design websites to ensure the visitors stay on our website and more importantly convert.

Mobile and Tablet Responive Web Design

Is it time to move to Google AMP Code?

It can be a difficult very code to implement but as we delve deeper into what AMP can do for you and your website, you will see how important it is.

Getting past those initial stages either from a brand new website or a change from normal HTML to AMP code, getting the code to a validation stage is very frustrating.

What is AMP?

Google has created a way in which the Google SERPS are tagged that a website is AMP compatible, this when clicked goes to a cached Google page of your web page, not even touching your normal URL but a special amp URL page for example.

Initially, you may think that is very strange but it is your page stored on Google's CDN that loads at almost instantly rather than the visitor waiting several seconds and in lots of cases much longer for your server to load your code.

Generally, if your page hasn't loaded in 3 seconds your visitor if off somewhere else, either back to the Google search results or wherever else they want to be.

Obviously, that is not good for you, using AMP can get rid of this situation and bring a great visitor experience, allowing your website to load very very quickly in which of course will lead to more conversions if that is sales, emails or downloads you are aiming for.

So How Do I Get AMP?

Mint Monkey LTD have great knowledge and experience in building AMP coded websites, we can help you enjoy extra visibility in Google and also bring a super fast loading website or page.

Content Writing and Keyword Research

Readability And Topic Is The Key For Copywriting

Before finishing your articles ensure pages are well written & have substantial quality content ensuring you have fresh content and topics that are classed as hot in your niche.

Having a website that has a lot of low-quality content pages, really doesn't help with visitor interaction, meaning you have less chance of ranking on Google search too.

Getting more from SEO by tracking the keywords to ensure you know what you need to aim for and what is working is another key factor, using the right tools for these is paramount, The SEO keyword tool from Mint Monkey enables you to separate different targeted niches as well as a website collective.

More Information on Keyword Research
Interesting Topic

Do I need tools for website SEO

Best software and what to track

Knowing what is happening when a visitor hits your site regards software, whereby you can track where the user has come from to what options they take whilst on your webpage.

Data built up creates a clearer picture of the successes and failures of the visited page, so you know what is working and why or mainly what is not working and the reasons for it.

There is no doubt that you will have worked hard to make your website or blog look the best that you can but the main reason for it will be conversion if that be for data eg emails or for a sale of a product.

Using tools for individual aspects or for a whole picture will ensure you can uncover performance, visibility and accessibility issues, allowing you to A/B test or enhance accordingly.

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Social Media Marketing

Interact with customers and create a buzz

The impact of social media has never been bigger and with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more now search engines in themselves.

Communicating with customers like answering questions not only brings a visual trust but also has a direct correlation with Google ranking too.

Even though you may not get the sales from your social media that you would get from more conventional marketing, enhancing the brand and trust becomes a lot easier process with these avenues.

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Local And National to International Branding

Become an authority and connect in the right places

Local search has become ever more popular as users tend to generally look for a service or to shop in their local areas, so ensuring you have the right image and you understand the challenges of the differnce between a local shop versus a brand that can supply their products or service at a national level.

The on the page and of page optimisation becomes a slightly different proposition where for example a local plumber can only complete his service in local areas may not be best suited to a national SEO campaign and more towards ensuring they have a local presence with trust and authority.

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Why is SEO Important?

If you need more clicks to your website

Compared to the earlier days of Google optimisation the whole concept is now about user experience and branding, which are major parts of creating a successful company if online or offline.

In fact a ranking in Google could be seen as a credible statement for your company as Googlers view the top search engine as a major brand and probably view Google multiple times in each day.

Whilst other online channels will bring you success, SEO is more of a solid base for your online presence, ensure you create a good and effective process, stick to it and your business will see the benefits.

Web development and SEO Jobs In Doncaster

Do you want a career in SEO Doncaster, or just want to change who you work for?

Here you will find the lastest jobs in Doncaster and the South Yorkshire Area based on SEO as a career.

Salary will be dependant on the location, position and also the experience you hold, so optimise you CV and get applying.

SEO / PPC Specialist Salary £18-25k

SEO / PPC Specialist Jobs or SEO / PPC Specialist Recruitment. As SEO / PPC Specialist your role will include:....

Elevation Recruitment - in Doncaster

Date Posted - Fri, 08 Jul 2016 14:19:37 GMT

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SEO Specialist - Doncaster

Action SEO strategy across a number of automotive related websites. The position of SEO Specialist is a full time permanent role working Monday to Friday 8.30am...

CARS, Connect HR & Recruitment Ltd - in Doncaster

Date Posted - Tue, 12 Jul 2016 17:08:12 GMT

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Digital Marketing Apprentice

To gain an understanding of the PPC and SEO strategy for the Simple Insurance websites to increase and maintain visibility of natural search listings....


Date Posted - Tue, 12 Jul 2016 19:08:35 GMT

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Digital Marketing Apprentice

To gain an understanding of the PPC and SEO strategy for the Simple Insurance websites to increase and maintain visibility of natural search listings....

ApprenticeCareer - in Doncaster

Date Posted - Thu, 07 Jul 2016 14:24:29 GMT

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Digital Marketing Executive

Ensuring SEO is optimised to its fullest potential in addition to the ongoing development and creation of email marketing campaigns....

Elevation - Marketing - in Sheffield

Date Posted - Thu, 21 Jul 2016 21:00:13 GMT

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Affordable SEO Services

How Much Does SEO Cost For Small Business in 2016?

Obviously, there are many different project types of which could change the pricing dependent of the type of business, say for example a local Plumber in Doncaster would need a different package to a national e-commerce company.

There are many reasons why quality and professional SEO will cost you more than quick fix packages.

On top of the financial cost of the service, you'll also need to invest time with continuous new content and refreshing, that will drive traffic to your site.

This, of course, can be out-sourced to the SEO company too but this would also be an ongoing cost per month.