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  • 0 Minutes + 0 Texts + 1000MB Data
  • From Only £7.50 P/M
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  • 9999 Minutes + 9999 Texts + 100000MB Data
  • From Only £21.00 P/M
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  • 0 Minutes + 0 Texts + 1000MB Data
  • From Only £7.50 P/M
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What you need to know about sim cards

Just in case there are things you didn't know, or questions you needed to be answered first.

What Size Sim Card Do You Need?

There are generally three types of SIM card on the market. There's a Standard SIM, a smaller Micro SIM and an even smaller Nano SIM. The type you'll need depends entirely on the handset you personally own.

Many networks now provide their sims in a trio card style which enables you to order and recieve on sim card, cut outs in the card allow you to chose which size you want and you use that.

Why Is It Called Sim Only?

A SIM only deal offers a package of minutes, texts and data for a monthly cost like a normal contract. The difference, however, is that you don't get a new handset; you get the SIM all on it's own.

This meaning that the offers available priced very low compared, even as low as 5 per month.

Are Deals On Sim Card Only Exempt From Credit Checks?

There are credit checks on mobile phone offers, yet there are some networks that do a lot lighter checks as they are not providing an expensive handset, meaning there is far less risk for them.

Are Network Tariff Plans Different?

In a word, NO. They just have no phone with them so are far cheaper. This is probably the reason for sim only packages becoming more and more popular, as using the same handset when you are out of contract can save you a tonne of cash.

What the network offer and for what price per motnh is upto them, you will see the allocation of minutes, texts and data for each month. obviously you need to choose the one that best fits your usage.

Why only 30 days?

A rolling 30 day contract, just keeps going until you decide you want to cancel the agreement.

Instead of a 24 month contract generally found with expensive smartphones, the sim on its own allows the network to offer a far reduced term, these generally are 30 day rolling or 12 months.