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More Information About Sky

What Network Does Sky Mobile Use?

Sky Mobile launched in 2017, where they are looking to be a force to be reckoned with in mobile phone industry.

Using the O2 network for signal, Sky can offera UK all-round package with plans of great value.

What's The Netwrok Coverage Like?

Using the O2 Network, 3G and 4G network coverage, including call and mobile internet reception, gives SKY a great mobile signal reception across the UK.

Like any UK network, data reception and speeds may not be as good indoors or in a car. Signal can also be affected by buildings, trees and even weather conditions.

Why the £10 line rental discount for SKY TV customers?

Sky have millions of customers on their TV packages and the launch of the Sky Mobile network sees a great offer for you, with &10 discount to Sky TV customers.

How Do I Claim The Existing Customer Discount?

When you go through to the deal you want on Sky's website, just press go to checkout and Sky will ask you to log into your account that you normall use for their TV services. Once you have logged in the amount auto drops off of the monthly price, amking a superb tariff plan offer, even on the top smartphones.

Is There A Credit Check?

Even if you are an existing customer a credit check is performed, where you will need your regular address and bank details to enter.

Do I Get An Instant Decision On Application?

When you apply for a mobile phone deal through Sky, as you go through the process, you recieve an automatic answer, going straight through or maybe a deposit maybe required.

What Is A Deposit?

After performing a credit check on you, Sky may as for a deposit to be paid upfront.

The great thing about this system is you can pay it there and then and you application will continue as normal.

The deposit then goes against your line rental, reducing the cost per month even further from their great value existing TV customer plans.

Other Sky products which may interest you?


Sky's huge TV service, brings you entertainment, sport, film and kids channels all-toher in bespoke packages made by you.

The latest Sky TV box, Sky Q allows you to connect together, with mini boxes and your mobile gadgets to watch, pause and carrying watching from where you left.